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Pacman Today

By   2021-05-02

The coronavirus, which affects the world today, endangers the health of many of us. During this period, we spend more time in our homes to be less affected by the epidemic, but staying at home can also bother people. In boring times, I can recommend pacman, a game that has been played for over 30 years. Play Pacman and have fun time. In Pacman game, the goal is to eat all the food with the pacman while avoiding the ghosts. There are some big foods in the maze, when you eat them you gain extra power and you can eat ghosts, but this is for a certain period of time.

Pacman Game Description

By   2020-11-19

PacMan is an extremely popular maze game developed and popularized by Namco in 1980. The original Japanese title for this game was Puck-Man, which is shortened from PacPaku and is still used today to refer to the game. The original version of the game featured two versions, namely, the arcade version and the bonus version, both featuring Pac-Man as the main character and a wide range of obstacles to be avoided.

Available for Download on the Internet
These days, all versions of the game are available for download on the internet. The first versions are available for download for free from websites like Gamescape and GameJolt and feature different versions of Pac-Man with varying difficulty levels.
Pacman game has a wide variety of tricks that make this game even more interesting and entertaining. One of these tricks involves the use of a 'Power Pellet'. As Pac-Man moves his head, he leaves a trail of red dots that can be easily spotted when they appear and can be shot to damage the monster.

Try to Get Higher Score
If one manages to collect enough Power Pellets, they can earn a higher score and continue playing the game. Another trick is 'Laser beam' where the player must hit at least one dot before it disappears and reappears on the screen again. Finally, 'Power-Ups' acts like a sort of magic. These Power-Ups allows the player to purchase items that help in their quest to find more Power Pellets.

In addition, the arcade version of Pac-Man also features the option to change the maze by selecting a different location from the start menu. This option enables players to practice different locations and different mazes without having to spend more time searching for the appropriate maze. Additionally, there is also the 'Quick Menu' option which allows the player to switch between different locations in the maze without losing the game.You can play pacman for free and have fun too.

Pacman information

By   2020-10-22

Pacman game is a game where you can play, have fun and have excitement at the time we usually stay at home due to the virus that has spread around the world recently. With this game, you can experience both fun and a little bit of adrenaline because various colored objects behind you will be chasing your hero. You have to run away from them and eat the spots.
Play pacman is one of the oldest games known all over the world. So you can enjoy it. You can play the game that has become a popular game all over the world on this site. Moreover, various sections and some changes are available in the games on this site.
Another distinctive feature is that usually men play the games. But the game for women is less. This game also has the feature of appealing to women. One of the reasons women love this game is that it is given the task of eating pacman points in the game. Women generally like to eat something. That is why they created it this way by acting according to this information in the game. Pacman doesn't look like pizza in shape, either!
Online pacman is free of charge on this site.

Where does the name Pacman, now a legend, actually come from? The producer also made a confession about this. The name of the character was chosen to attract the attention of the girls.

Realizing that women love eating fruit, Toru Iwatani added these elements to the game. Iwatani, who thinks that a man who is snacking useful things will grab the attention of girls, derived the name of the game from the word puck, which means snacking in Japanese.


Who were the real target audience?

Toru Iwatan's first surprising release was about the game's true audience. Iwatan actually prepared the game with only girls in mind.

The game market, which appeals to both sexes today, was only attracted by men 30 years ago. Iwatan started making such a game to revolutionize the industry.

Pacman Story

By   2020-08-12

Those who are now around 30 years old didn't have a lot of different video games in their childhood like now. We used to spend more time on the streets. But in the 1980s, a game that had a different name in the beginning but later changed its name and was organized as Pac-Man became famous all over the world. It can be said that it is mostly in a game that women will love.

The general logic of the game is about eating something. The producer tackled this issue in the game, as it is nice and pleasant for people to eat. Of course, in order to add some excitement to the game, our hero, the pacman character, must be protected from his fearful dream ghosts. When you eat some special things the Pacman gets stronger for a short time and you can eat the ghosts. After eating all the food, you can move on to the next section.

Pacman looks like a whole piece taken from a slice of pizza in shape. It is in the form of points in the things he eats. The big point stands out as the special dish. The area where the pacman is located is designed as a maze-shaped map.
Pacman stands out as a game that is still played and loved by many people today. let's play pacman