Pacman Game Description

By   2020-11-19

PacMan is an extremely popular maze game developed and popularized by Namco in 1980. The original Japanese title for this game was Puck-Man, which is shortened from PacPaku and is still used today to refer to the game. The original version of the game featured two versions, namely, the arcade version and the bonus version, both featuring Pac-Man as the main character and a wide range of obstacles to be avoided.

Available for Download on the Internet
These days, all versions of the game are available for download on the internet. The first versions are available for download for free from websites like Gamescape and GameJolt and feature different versions of Pac-Man with varying difficulty levels.
Pacman game has a wide variety of tricks that make this game even more interesting and entertaining. One of these tricks involves the use of a 'Power Pellet'. As Pac-Man moves his head, he leaves a trail of red dots that can be easily spotted when they appear and can be shot to damage the monster.

Try to Get Higher Score
If one manages to collect enough Power Pellets, they can earn a higher score and continue playing the game. Another trick is 'Laser beam' where the player must hit at least one dot before it disappears and reappears on the screen again. Finally, 'Power-Ups' acts like a sort of magic. These Power-Ups allows the player to purchase items that help in their quest to find more Power Pellets.

In addition, the arcade version of Pac-Man also features the option to change the maze by selecting a different location from the start menu. This option enables players to practice different locations and different mazes without having to spend more time searching for the appropriate maze. Additionally, there is also the 'Quick Menu' option which allows the player to switch between different locations in the maze without losing the game.You can play pacman for free and have fun too.