What is the name secret of Pacman?

By   2020-09-02

Where does the name Pacman, now a legend, actually come from? The producer also made a confession about this. The name of the character was chosen to attract the attention of the girls.

Realizing that women love eating fruit, Toru Iwatani added these elements to the game. Iwatani, who thinks that a man who is snacking useful things will grab the attention of girls, derived the name of the game from the word puck, which means snacking in Japanese.


Who were the real target audience?

Toru Iwatan's first surprising release was about the game's true audience. Iwatan actually prepared the game with only girls in mind.

The game market, which appeals to both sexes today, was only attracted by men 30 years ago. Iwatan started making such a game to revolutionize the industry.